Walkmen Announce New Album

After two years since their last studio album, A Hundred Miles Off—as well as their version of Harry Nillson and John Lennon’s Pussy Cats—the Walkmen have announced details of a new record.

While the band previously released music on the Record Collection label, the new album, You and Me, will be released this autumn on Gigantic Music. According to the band’s publicist, the writing and recording of You and Me was done over a two-year period, and recorded in two locations, first at Sweet Tea studios in Oxford, Mississippi with engineer John Agnello, and then at their new label’s studio in New York with engineer Chris Zane, who the band is quoted as calling a “fucking god-send.”

The album is reportedly inspired by the likes of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison (what music of the last 50 years isn’t in some ways?), and was done live with everything—including vocals—recorded at once.


Last week Microsoft announced that it will be issuing a new limited-edition Zune digital media player designed by Peter Saville to commemorate the DVD release of Joy Division, the Grant Gee documentary about the band. The film will come pre-loaded on a custom black Zune 80 player that is etched with an adaptation of Saville’s iconic artwork for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

While we haven’t seen the film and thus can’t say if it’s worth the megabytes, this player is pretty damn cool looking. Too bad it won’t work with a Mac.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Start Squeaking Out New Album

In a somewhat cryptic message via their record label, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs announced this past week that they have been working on a new record. Recording has been done in “a barn in the Northeast” and “a ranch in the Southwest." The inspiration for the record? A kitten named Squeaker. The bands reports, “Abandoned by his mother, we’ve watched him grow before our very eyes from a blind and helpless little thing into a frisky and fierce little beauty—much like the tunes we’re writing.” Um, sure.