Love Tan
by Kevin J. Elliott

Seattle’s Love Tan didn’t take long making residence on the turntable. It’s been said before, but 2008 is a great year for singles, and their self-titled debut (EP, as it’s six songs) jams econo, packing in slapdash variance across the tiny format like a reliable friend that can sometimes get ugly. The scene-shifting could potentially ring hollow, but then I realized Love Tan was a duo, burrowing headlong into the Messthetics cycle (they do cover Tronics), and for the pennies and nickels they wing around the room, it sure creates a grifter’s racket. “This Land Is No Good” presents knife-hit bombast in extreme registers. The incredibly bouncy “Brush Your Teeth” imagines Mark E. Smith fronting some unknown Kiwi-pop, and “Berlin Rumble Part 1” some side-ending tribal death-knell reeking of Liars and the Smell-kids. Not exactly sure where it fits except late night, when it’s time for the thrifty panoply of two mysterious guys that graduated from future punk to make a drunk and colorful pop capsule.

Don’t call them Pyramids, please beg them to tour, and wait while slobbering for that LP. In the meantime, here’s an email correspondence with the band.

First thing. Can you introduce the band?

CC on guitar and vocals. On the recordings, violin and keys. MF on drums and vocals. On the recordings, percussions and keys.

What bands, if any, were you in before Love Tan?

CC was in the Lights, the Left Coast, Exothermics and maybe a few others. MF was in Factums and White Shit.

The inside of the record is credited to the Pyramids, the outside to Love Tan. Can you clear up that confusion?

We used to be called Pyramids, however, it always seemed like too obvious of a name and it turns out that a bunch of bands are trying to use that name. We always wanted a name that no one else would think of. Some folks say we should have laid claim to the name Pyramids, but I think it’s a better decision to pick a name you like. We never had our identity wrapped up in the name or any name for that matter.

I love everything on Sweet Rot so far. How’d you get hooked up with them?

He’s putting out some great stuff. He saw us play years back. We’ve never been that serious of a band. We get together as much as possible and always try to write new stuff, but as far as releasing stuff we’re kinda lame. We’re thankful Jeff helped get us out of the cave.

There’s a lot of the Fall in your songs. Do you have a favorite Fall album?

Yeah, we love the Fall. We go in and out of listening to them. I guess I’d say Palace of Swords Reversed mainly because that’s a great title. They’re all great records!

What’s the plan for the album? If there is one coming, what can people expect?

Our first full-length is coming out in September, I guess, on a label called Kill Shaman. It’s a lot of our older songs. We hadn’t listened to it in a while and when we did we liked it pretty well. I guess it’s more of the same, dirty outsider psych. It was recorded by Dan Stack, our good friend who is also in Factums.

Are there any other bands in Seattle you’d like to tell the world about here?

I don’t know. Catatonic Youth, Sex Vid—I think most people already know them. I don’t really get out much.

Seahawks, Mariners or Supersonics?

I hate baseball and the Supersonics are gone. So I gotta go with Seahawks, even though my heart is still with the Bears.

Fill in the blank: I started a band because ___.

I got sick of making shitty paintings.